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Code for a 6-digit / 4-digit Nixie Clock based on Arduino with RAGB LED backlights This is the main code for an Arduino based Nixie clock, intended for the following clocks: Classic Rev4

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I'm looking to build a nixie clock. I have looked online, I found some guides but many used expensive nixie clock kits or custom pcbs. I came across some threads about driving a single nixie tube with an arduino. Later I found this thread here on this site called .

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Arduino Pro Mini. The brain of Nixie-Bot is a small arduino board called the Arduino Pro Mini. The reason it is “Pro” is because it needs an external programmer, and the board comes without headers. This works well for Nixie-Bot because the footprint is small, and I can socket it onto the board.

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GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up library for nixie tube module for Arduino, designed by nixieclock. org

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Enix: An Arduino-Programmable Nixie Tube Clock. Jeremy S. Cook Blocked Unblock Follow Following. Dec 11, 2018. While something of a relic of times past, Nixie tubes continue to entertain us today, often in the form of brilliant clocks.

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Nixieduino is a nixie clock, based on Arduino mega board. To extend capabilities of the clock it has arduino shield connector.

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Initially, after we had access to almost inexhaustible supply of excellent quality Soviet Nixie tubes IN-12, IN-14 and IN-18, there was going to make a simple display of the Nixie tubes as Shield for Arduino.

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Arduino not included. ArduiNIX V3 Nixie Tube Driver Shield Board Only - $13 Shield circuit board only: use the parts you already have. Or connect any other nixie anode and cathode pins via wires to the board to use as a multiplex breakout board. 3. 5 tall .

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An overall synopsis for this project is an arduino based nixie clock that runs on a ds1307 break out board, a voltage step up chip, the arduino uno, and 14 in nixie tubes.

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/17/2013I have been trying to research how to control an IN-13 nixie (datasheet: tubehobby/datasheets/in13. pdf) using my Arduino Uno. I have bought the HV driver

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Arduino Powered 6-Digit Nixie Clock. The Arduino Nixie Clock is a Nixie Clock, which you can program entirely with the well known Arduino IDE. The code is open source (see the Manuals and Downloads page) and so the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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The Nixie tube, a product from the last century witnessed the development of the electronic technology history. Its' unique display effects makes it an unforgettable design. The Nixie tube is extremely rare in the market. This Nixie module for Arduino makes it prossible to drive the Nixie tube

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ia Grisha Anofriev on hackster. io. IN-14 Nixie tubes clock Raspberry Pi HAT NCS314, remote, GPS, and temperature. It is really very fascinating to assemble a Nixie Arduino-based clock, but it isn’t even close to the possibilities that Raspberry PI gives when managing Nixie tubes clock.

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Use Your Own Nixie Tubes. I've designed and created a prototype of the Nixie Tube clock all on a single PCB the size of an Arduino Uno. By default, it fits IN-17 Nixie Tubes, however, you can use any Nixie Tubes with a little bit of custom cabling.